The International Education Project – Shenzhen, China.

November 2018 saw the beginning of an ongoing project with Bao’an Education Bureau, Shenzhen, China.  In liaison with J.C International Education Services PL, I was engaged as an Education Consultant.  The aim of the project was to train high school English teachers in classroom methodology and practice.

Workshops covered topics such as fundamentals for proactive English teaching, English teaching skills and methodology, designing and delivering English lessons, teaching vocabulary, and warm-ups and games.

This project tapped into my early career as a high school English teacher and harnessed the experience and knowledge I have built up over the last twenty years in the ESL industry.

I am very pleased to have built a strong and friendly working relationship with the teachers and students of Shenzhen and thank them for their hospitality.

Please make contact if you would like to work together.