TESOL Supervision for Teachers – why not!

I’ve been teaching and training for 30 years, and I’ve observed that teachers at all stages of their careers benefit enormously from encouraging, practical support from peers and mentors.  I was lucky enough to have bright and shining guidance from fabulous teachers – but rarely formally.

I fell into, or sought out situations where I could access hands-on advice and gain wisdom from people who had seen and done so much in their careers, and they supervised and supported my growth in the profession.

It got me thinking – why don’t teachers have supervisors?  Some do, if their place of work is one which values ongoing professional development, has senior teachers on staff, and has built a sharing, collegiate culture where teachers support each other.  But even in the best of workplaces, the support is limited by parameters such as the budget to run PD, the senior staff’s availability, and the enquirer’s perceived safety.

Will they be judged for asking ‘a stupid question’?  Have they built the necessary rapport?  I wonder if teachers are being supported to cope with the enormous change and growth the industry is currently experiencing.

Beginning January next year and with 5 intake dates throughout 2023, I am running 8-week supervision courses for ESL teachers.  The supervision consists of 90-minute sessions held on Zoom on Wednesday evenings from 6.30-8pm.

Capped at 8 participants and with a minimum of 4, each session will consist of a masterclass based on a grammar point or skills lesson, followed by an open forum where individuals can address concerns they have about their work – topic or content ideas, methodology, persona, classroom management – whatever is going on for them that week.

There will also be a ‘lens’ for participants to consider over the following week before the next session.

A group of peers meeting regularly to support and encourage each other under the guidance of a mentor – how exciting!  I believe in creating safe, person-centred spaces where people can change and grow – that’s what teachers need to do for their students, and this supervision provides that same space for teachers.

If this is something that appeals to you and you would like more information, please get in touch.