Finding my path as an Educator

I have a confession – I’m monolingual.

Aside from a few expressions in many other languages, my one true voice is English.  But I’m not just a native speaker – I’m a literate, interested, grammatically versed native speaker.  That means I know what sounds right, what is technically right, how to explain it, and how to help develop the ability to use it.

When I first started teaching English in Malaysia in 1994, I was ‘qualified’ but not experienced.  I didn’t really understand what my students needed.  Now, 25 years later, after many thousands of hours in the classroom, I understand the process of learning language from the perspective of an attuned facilitator.  I have learned to ‘tune into’ your language skills and find the way to improve them.

For some people, it’s all about structure.  For others, it’s vocabulary. Some need to improve skills like reading or listening, while others need to build confidence and self-belief.  I know that learning language is tough – but I also know that with the right guidance, you can do it.

I tell all my students about the RAT principle as the foundation of my classroom practice.  RAT stands for respect, admiration, and trust.

Respect each other’s journey and opinions, admire each other’s hard work and achievements, and trust me to guide you the right way.

Do you need the help of an experienced, person-centred language teacher?  Get in touch – I’d love to help!